No Pressure….No Diamonds

My calendar is filling up pretty fast! As I browsed my calendar last night to schedule an upcoming shoot, it dawned on me that I’m booked up until mid-late May, and reservations already in place for part of June. But, I’m far from complaining.

I don’t know many (if any) people who enjoy monotonous and mundane weekends. Luckily, I’ve got some really cool and unique projects coming up, which will also give me some valuable new experience in different areas of photography. As you well know, practice makes perfect, and when doing something such as photography, practice indeed is vital to honing your craft.

Some of shoots I have coming up include:

  • music venues for a new company’s website (this is a project I did almost two years ago, but their project fell through and its back on track now and time to redo them)
  • urban exploration into some old factories and asylums
  • jewelry products for Furthermore Designs
  • model shoots (some featuring bright and bold makeup)
  • a yoga project with Robin from the Thirtysomething blog
  • weddings
  • potential engagement photos
  • restaurant menu photos
  • maternity/newborn project for one of my close friends

It was really nice to hear that I was the top/first choice for these projects, especially when these are events/projects that you have to get right, and get quality deliverables for. When I first got back into photography several years ago, and thought about eventually getting to the point of doing these types of shoots, I always wondered if I’d ever get comfortable enough to do them.  Thanks to the vote of confidence I’ve been given by being asked to do these, and some of my other recent events….I think I am.

As RGIII’s marketing campaign goes….No Pressure, No Diamonds.

Stay tuned for updates after each event/shoot, and check my website out for more information and images.


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